Organization renewal process around teamwork & engagement @ ASCO

ASCO Industries, world leader in the aerospace industry, has chosen Architects of Dreams to guide her in an organization renewal process around teamwork.

“Architects of Dreams successfully guided us in a teambuilding project with 2 departments of about 200 people in total.

We chose for this approach as it was completely new to Asco.

And it proved to be perfect!!!

From the very beginning on, Architects of Dreams took us on a fresh and inspiring journey. An excursion plenty of effective teambuilding, creativity and visualization, from concept to delivery.

Architects of Dreams understands how a client can grow, developing a tailor made and stimulating process instead of proposing a ready-made solution.

It has been thé tipping point in our new approach of collaboration and empowerment within Asco.

Christa Claessens – Training manager at ASCO
ASCO Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high lift devices, complex mechanical assemblies and major functional components for the aerospace industry.

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