Challenges we solve

- Purpose & future vision - ”How do we create an enlightening vision and shared dream that mobilizes all employees?”

- Company culture - ”How do we build a culture of trust and engagement?”

- Leadership “How do we stimulate leadership, entrepreneurship and resilience in our organization?”

- Teambuilding – ”How do we unlock the full potential of our team?”

- Self-management - ”How do we grow to more self-organized teams with responsibility and meetings that give energy and results?”

- Innovation - ”How do we grow the internal innovative capacity of our organization?”

Strengthen the innovative capacity of your organization

The power of cost savings and efficiency measures belongs to the past. Innovation is needed to renew your sustainable competitive position.
This new time demands a holistic perspective on people and organizations. Social innovation, thinking and acting from within connection. Go on a collective discovery journey. Create an image of the desired future and act from within meaning and passion.
Architects of Dreams creates leverages and strengths out of dialogue. This has a direct effect on your tangible results.

Unique combination of building blocks

Memory of the Future


Scenario planning
Future trends


Golden Circle

Dare to dream
Room of the Future

Holistic approach


Mind, heart, body and soul

Reinventing Organizations


Systemic work
Organisation constellation

Systems thinking
Theory U

Reinvention Organizations

Organisation DNA

Energetic management

Self-Organization Business Innovation


Agile, Scrum
Sociocracy S3, Holacracy
Common sense

Business model innovation

Blue Ocean
Serious play
Customer Excellence
Empathy walk

Customer Journey Map
Nightmare Competitor


Viral Change

Facilitator & Coach


Appreciative Inquiry
Solution Focused Thinking

Non violent communication
Inspiring Coaching

Looking with new eyes from the future

You are aware that your organisation has more potential than that what is actually used.
You believe in the wisdom of your organisation as a source of innovation.
You wish to have a clear vision of the main challenges and opportunities of your organisation.
You want the uncertain future to be manageable and you aim for more leadership, entrepreneurship and resilience in your organization.
Then the approach of Architects of Dreams is definitely for you!

Architects of Dreams always works tailored made according to your needs.
Our soulmates guarantee the right mix towards solution:

  • Short targeted interventions
  • Long-term trajectories with large groups
  • Coaching and growth trajectories
  • Workshops, brain- and bodystorming sessions
  • Systemic constellations
  • Moments of inspiration, the perfect energy boost for your events and kickoffs

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