“Architects of Dreams is a team of soulmates inspiring and stretching the innovative capacity of organisations. Delivering effective sustainable results on the edge of ratio, intuition and passion, that’s our raison d’être.”

Our Why, our raison d’être

Organizations grow as people grow.
Organizations transform as people transform.
Transformation starts from within people.
From a deeper consciousness.
Out of passion, inspiration and dreams.
Here lies the true source of innovation and sustainability.
This is where Architects of Dreams makes a meaningful contribution with impact.


Network of Soulmates

On a regular basis, depending on the scope of the current projects we work together with fellow co-facilitators and colleagues from home and abroad.


Inspirators behind Architects of Dreams

Frank Geertsen




Stimulating the lifeblood of businesses and organizations.

Go somewhere, inspire and make the difference!

  • Strategic Visioning, Inspiring Coaching, Systemic worker

  • Systemthinking, NLP Master, Scenario Planning, …

  • Agile, Scrum Master CSM, Sociocracy S3, Holacracy, TEAL, …

  • Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry, Viral Change, …

Economics, Informatics and Sales & Marketing background with > 20 years of professional experience.

Former co-founder and manager of a successful ICT company.

Johan Lavrysen

Associate Process Facilitator

Fascinated by how to grow organizations stronger and more relevant.

Focused on leveraging existing potential, strengthened by over 30 years of business experience.


  • Former Director of Innovation at Janssen Pharmaceutica.

  • Ambassador of open innovation (BiELAt.org)

  • Coach on personal and business level


  • Inspiring speaker

  • Involved in (open) innovation on an international level

  • Systemic Coach – Strategic Coach – Innovation coach

Vincent De Waele

Associate Process Facilitator

Passionate about change, organizational and personal.

Creator of collaborative spaces.

Active player in sustainability and ethical investments.

Facilitator, teacher, coach, change maker.

Held top positions at Moore Corporation, Carrefour and Mobistar.

Broad experience in finance, logistics, IT, Strategy, HR, …

Koen Dumont

Associate Process Facilitator

Helps organizations towards meaningful change

Creative innovator, challenger, solution detective.

Consciousness creator and bridge builder.

15 years of experience in complex change

Success factors: the fastest way to simplicity, awareness of essence and potential, ask the right questions, triggers people about what really matters, appeal Ecosystemic intelligence

Co-founder of TheO theatre constellations

Keywords: large group interventions, Theatre Constellations, Systemic constellations, process work with large groups (ao Deep Democracy), executive / systemic / unorthodox coaching, corporate transformation, leadership, empowerment, change management, project management

Wannes Wilms

Associate Process Facilitator

Wants to support large organizations in addressing culture change programs.

Speaker, group facilitator, teacher of complex concepts about organizing in a changing societal and business context.
Sparring partner around innovation.

Background in Human Resources, IT and Finance management.

Beliefs; Climate Care over Command & Control, the power of people in organizations, facilitating leadership, Inner Drive, Viral Change.

Core thoughts; translating concepts into a viable practice tailored to the organization, materializing desires and thoughts into existing processes, from Strategy to Culture, putting trail and error into practice to get in touch with the potential of an approach.

Cornelis Brink

Associate Process Facilitator

Change maker in the new economy with a passion for people and organizations. He lets people’s authentic colours flourish through personal leadership and higher consciousness towards self-management.
Makes teams self organizing, stimulates leadership and makes coaches out of managers
Background: Program management in business en IT (budget up to 10 Mio €), Agile/Scrum Master, NLP Master Coach, Facilitator

Speciality: Self steering, leadership, Program/Project Management, New organization types

Inspiration: Holacracy, Reinventing Organizations, Agile methods


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