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Architects of Dreams works for leading companies in various industries.
A selection of our customers in Strategic Visioning and our workshops:



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Happy customers

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“Architects of Dreams successfully guided us in a teambuilding project with 2 departments of about 200 people in total.
We chose for this approach as it was completely new to Asco.
And it proved to be perfect!!!
From the very beginning on, Architects of Dreams took us on a fresh and inspiring journey. An excursion plenty of effective teambuilding, creativity and visualization, from concept to delivery.
Architects of Dreams understands how a client can grow, developing a tailor made and stimulating process instead of proposing a ready-made solution.
It has been thé tipping point in our new approach of collaboration and empowerment within Asco.
Christa Claessens – Training manager at ASCO
ASCO Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high lift devices, complex mechanical assemblies and major functional components for the aerospace industry.

Project in the spotlight

  • Facilitation of an innovation and strategy process
  • > 40 people cross department
  • Involvement of > 120 persons in mass brainstorm
  • Roadmap with tangible results
  • Transformation from within a collective ambition and ownership
  • Energy boost and lifelines
“Different … creative … innovative … that’s certainly the approach of Architects of Dreams!
First, a little awkward for participants to leave their comfort zone … … depart from a
(seeming) chaos … brainstorming … detecting trends for the future … future thinking … experiencing the future … a new strategy … commitment … a better culture …
Vanhout … “more than ever, more than a contractor! ‘”
Ronny Eijckmans – CFO Vanhout

Project in the spotlight

Architects leads SPK, Strategic Project Organization Kempen, in its transformation process into the future.

Part of this process is a two-day workshop. Below you will find an impression of this two-day workshop.

“Architects of Dreams has facilitated us in a special way in our strategic process: with a strategic question as a starting point and based on an intensive round of internal and external interviews, we took the whole organization on a two days workshop. This intensive two days were an important tipping point in the motivation of the team, and are the basis for an improvement process that is on the move – thanks to the constant attention and triggers of Architects of Dreams.”
Bart Wuyts – Director SPK

What our customers say …

“Architect of Dreams supported us to go on a journey, inspiring every individual positively along the road, creating a common goal, helping us to better understand each other and agree on some basic interaction and engagement rules – all of these elements are needed to function better as one team in future. It’s now up to us to continue walking the path to success. Thanks for guiding us in the right direction!”
Eddie Daacke – General Manager / PM Head BeLux – Boehringer Ingelheim

“An architect. without more. Of dreams, but also actions.
“Dreams do not work unless you do” characterizes Architects of Dreams.
They challenged us to dream, and together we succeeded in transforming them into true commitments.”
Joeri Staessen – Director Business Development & Operations Personal Services
Partena Ziekenfonds & Partners – Member of the Board

“By reminding the team to its past achievements and allowing all to share personal experiences (ThromboGenics related and other), Architects of Dreams managed to take us all on a journey of self-discovery. The process led to a deeper understanding of intra-team dynamics, ultimately allowing the team to agree on a set of updated ground rules for going forward.”
Patrik De Haes – CEO ThromboGenics


“Architects of Dreams’s interactive and spatial approach to taking a team through the company’s, and the individual team members’, past and future was very engaging.”
David Pearson – Global Head of Corporate Development – ThromboGenics

“Frank has, besides a very human touch, professionalism and inspiration to give people guidance in what they think and how they feel.

 He has this peculiar ability to make people say what they feel within and never spoke about before.

This ability yields tremendous effects in companies, where the deepest soul of the company pops up from within all the participants.

The most complicated problems, decisions, issues are solved in a human and very simple way. What you think cannot be solved, will be. And the most surprising: from within the members of the group.

The results of sessions with him are: suggestions where everybody believes in, tighter cohesion in a group, more spirit and enthusiasm, more cooperation and a deeper motivation of all the involved people.

The value you get out of it is immeasurable !

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative”

Jean-Marie Stas – Marketing Manager – Belgacom

“Frank has tremendously helped VMB through his inspirational sessions in defining the Company’s true DNA.
In his facilitator role, we have greatly appreciated his very natural though focused approach in getting us there!
Real added value, a true source of ‘refreshment’.”
Wim Seynaeve – Partner VMB

H Essers

“They reduced the uncertainty about ‘change topics’ by concretizing ‘theory’ into practice. The first step of the dream is reality!”
Veronicque Debondt – HR Director – H. Essers


“Provides insight that this approach has already been proved in many places in the world. So, it works!”
Birgit Ceulemans – Director HRM – Argenta


“Architects of Dreams provides the new way how to bring innovation and change in organizations. They build bridges to the future that emerges. They bring oxygen and inspiration. This is what organizations need!”
Veerle Ronsse – Director change management organisational transformation – GlaxoSmithKline


“Architects of Dreams’ approach with the timeline creates a larger perspective, not just focus on quarters. It makes respect for the people visible.
They have a clever use of space..”
Stephane Berghmans – Innovation Partnerships – TE Connectivity


“Vanuit een evolutief perspectief op een creatieve manier strategische verandering benaderen met tot doel gebruik te maken van de in de organisatie aanwezige inspiratie en “Sturm und Drang”.”
Philippe De Bruyne – HR Directeur – Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen


“Very nice to see and hear that everything is fed back to the ‘human side’, memories, experiences, … And that’s the power for inventing and building the future.
Just stop, look back, relive … and think beyond … something I’m going to do more of and with more enthusiasm in the future! Thank you!”
Steve Windelinckx – Packaging Design and Innovation Manager – Artenius PET Packaging Belgium


“This has brought me closer to my passion and inspiration, and it is transformed into a dynamic future-oriented perspective.”
Julie Vandenbroucke – Owner – Arteconomy


Architects of Dreams helps Plan children to realise their dreams

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